There Angklung Concert Under the Eiffel Tower

Indonesian Students in Europe angklung music concert on the Champ de Mars field inside the complex landscape at the foot of the Eiffel Tower Paris , France . The concert, which was held as the closing event Eurolympique 2014 , which followed members of the Indonesian Students Association ( PPI ) French , Dutch , German , English and Spanish .

According to French Ambassador Rezlan Ishar Jenie and his wife , Deputy Ambassador and his wife Ashariyadi and Educational and Cultural Attaché Embassy in Paris , and his wife Syafsir also attend and participate Akhlus play angklung .

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Concert led by Gabriella Alodia , Indonesian students who are following the master’s program in hydrographic ENSTA Bretagne , Brest . Angklung played totaling 200 pieces , belonging to the House of Culture of Indonesia submitted to the Embassy in Paris .

Angklung Angklung - is a request from Education and Cultural Attache Embassy in Paris to the Directorate of Cultural Diplomacy Internalization of Values ​​and the Ministry of Education and Culture to be used as a means of Indonesian cultural diplomacy in France .

One of the advantages of angklung is unique , both in terms of shape and sound . This instrument is also relatively easy to play in groups , though for beginners who just know and hold angklung . Although only hold one note in a song , each holder will share play the angklung entirety of the song.

Champ de Mars visitors enjoy the sounds of angklung . ” Ambassador to France and his wife, Rezlan Ishar Jenie and Deputy Ambassador and his wife Ashariyadi present , ” said Education and Cultural Attache Embassy in Paris , Syafsir Akhlus told Reuters in London .

Syafsir hope with the additional presence of angklung , the opportunity to introduce Indonesian culture through performances can be improved . Angklung concert with the Eiffel tower in the background is the premiere weekend angklung game in a public place in Paris .

At the concert songs played quite varied , ranging from songs with simple melodies to the songs and plays the sound of the two voices .
Visitors at the Champ de Mars which come into play angklung was impressed with the show typical musical instrument of Indonesia.


Rudi Rubiandini willing But Not Satisfied

Former Head of Oil and Gas SKK Rudi Rubiandini legowo accept the judges’ decision Corruption Court , Jakarta . In the reading of the verdict on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) , the judge stated Rudi guilty of corruption and money laundering .

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The judges sentenced him to seven years in prison and a fine of Rp 200 million subsidiary of three months confinement . In front of the judges , he accepts the decision. After the trial , Rudi back confirming it .

" Whatever happens , happens and background why I came in here , I accept with sincere human being and I will live it well , " he said , the media crew .

Despite receiving the verdict , Rudi still do not agree with the judges . He claims to have never done as alleged corruption .

" I am not corrupt , do not use state money as the rupiah . ‘s Not a story of corruption , " said the former Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources .

Rudi also denied accepting bribes related activities within the Oil and Gas SKK . He said , do not ever do anything related tenders in the oil and gas SKK other parties associated with the request . However , he admitted receiving money .

" Indeed I accept the goal of money will be given to stakeholders , " he said .


Case Problem JIS, Police: There is Still One Actors Investigated

Egypt and Qatar welcomed the Palestinian national reconciliation agreement signed between Fatah and Hamas that ended seven years of internal Palestinian divisions.

” Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy, insists his country will continue to build support for a national historic and Palestinian people,” call reports Al-Ray Media Agency as cited Mi’raj Islamic News Agency on Thursday (24/4).

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Fahmi hopes the reconciliation agreement contributes to ending the Palestinian split and to support the Palestinian position in the peace talks.

While Foreign Minister of Qatar, Khaled al-Attiya, congratulated Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and Palestinian people after the realization of national reconciliation.


Benefits of Soursop Leaf Is Here

Soursop leaves can increase endurance against a variety of statement, . Soursop leaves can also kill cancer cells more quickly and safely than have to do chemotherapy which has many side effects and the cost is also very expensive . The following are the benefits and efficacy of soursop leaves for health , beauty and prevent various diseases including the following .

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Benefits of Soursop Leaf Is Here :
Prevent Cancer - soursop leaf - 4
Take 10 to cure cancer soursop leaves which have old and in a good situation . then wash thoroughly with water . then boiled with three glasses of water , and let boil until just have left the glass . Let cool boiled water and drink 2 x 1 day during 1 week . when possess a good impact , then you can continue to drink the cooking water . ( Soursop Leaf Medicine )

Curing Gout
soursop leaves can also be used as a cure gout . many alternative healing using soursop leaf to cure gout . that is very easy pace with soursop leaves that have been quite old but still green , about 6 to 10 sheets samapai then wipe clean . after that soursop leaves cut into pieces with the purpose of assuring the content of juice on the leaves right out . The leaves boiled in two cups of water , let it boil until the remaining one cup of water . drink the potion 2 x 1 day ie morning and evening . ( Soursop Leaf Medicine )

Curing Diarrhea In Infants
prepare soursop fruit is ripe , then squeezed and filtered to take in water . Drinks in infants with diarrhea of 2-3 tablespoons .
leaf - sirsakMenyembuhkan Eczema And Rheumatism
soursop leaves mashed until smooth and paste the parts of the body that feels pain or pain due to arthritis or eczema at 2 x regular day .
That the efficacy of soursop leaf for traditional medicine healthy body naturally very useful for us , especially the health of today ‘s expensive. May be useful for everything . ( Soursop Leaf Medicine )


Fadli Zon said sarcastically Fake Accounts with Poetry “Rice Force Wrap”

Fadli Zon said sarcastically Fake Accounts with Poetry ” NasiWakil Force Chairman Gerindra Fadli Zon upset about the proliferation of the existence of the accounts of stealth in cyberspace . Through a new poem he made , Fadli expect firm action over accounts used to spread slander via the internet .

" Many people are not clear what makes diatribe . There is no risk because the identity is not clear , " Fadli said when contacted on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

He thinks the owner of the fake accounts are paid to make comments on social media . The account is also used to spread slander . He said time , this phenomenon only exists in Indonesia . ” Malaysian baseball , American baseball . Here easy to make a new account , ” he said .

He considered , this fake account maker create visual garbage with a message that does not contain the appropriate facts . The account is also considered to carry out attacks during the 2014 election .

Fadli hope there is the control of the accounts on the Internet so that Internet users in Indonesia do not abuse it .

Through the poem titled ” Forces Rice Wrap ” , Fadli that several times to compose poems and satirical political motives of the owners of the fake account . The term ” Force Rice Wrap ” or ” Panasbung ” often associated with paid accounts that are deployed to put others on the internet . Here are excerpts of the poem .

Troops Rice Wrap

Our troops rice packets
Warriors of cyber warriors in the back of the computer
Our weapons Facebook and Twitter
Striking opponent never flinch
Faithful adherent to the pay

Our troops rice packets
Life of the daily insults and slander
Fixed dashing masked volunteers
Always relentless fight
Identity is rarely caught

Our troops rice packets
Have an account stealth million
Like a drawn sword
Ready pierced everyone

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Our troops rice packets
Not afraid of sin let alone hell
We can laugh behind wound
For the sake of a packet of rice and pulses submissions Wrap “


Microsoft Immediately Open 11 Speciality Store

Scarcity Microsoft store , when compared to Apple’s retail stores be causing Apple products more acceptable to the market , rather than a Windows -based device . Seeing this Microsoft initiative to open 11 Speciality Store next month in some areas .

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Reporting from phonearena , Microsoft has 11 newest Specialty Store locations are gearing up for the big openings across the United States next month . What is the difference between special and ordinary location location ? Speciality Store is basically a Microsoft retail kiosk with a ” curated selection ” of products . Specialty stores are certainly not as good as the ” real deal ” , but still have excellent quality . Options on - sale products did not sell at a high enough volume .

Here is a list of Microsoft’s planned Specialty Store ready to open and operate for the next month :

North Point Mall , Alpharetta , Georgia (north of Atlanta ) - May 3, 2014
The Oaks , Thousand Oaks , California ( northwest of Los Angeles ) - May 13, 2014
Park Place , Tuscon , Arizona - dated May 13, 2014
Jordan Creek Town Center , Des Moines , Iowa - May 13, 2014
Flatiron Crossing , Broomfield , Colorado (north of Denver ) - May 15, 2014
North Star Mall , San Antonio , TX - May 15, 2014
Westroads Mall , Omaha , Nebraska - May 15, 2014
The Mall in Columbia , Columbia , Maryland - May 17, 2014
The Maine Mall , South Portland , Maine - May 17, 2014
Mall of Louisiana , Baton Rouge , Louisiana - May 17, 2014
Boise Towne Square , Boise , Idaho - May 17, 2014
Microsoft also plans to open retail stores and service centers in Aventura , Florida , Atlanta , Georgia , Garden City , New York , Paramus , New Jersey , and The Woodlands , Texas .


CLA: What is clear, not a coalition with the Party of Islam

National Awakening Party ( PKB ) will ensure that only a coalition with the National Party. The coalition will be announced after counting pileg published by the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .

" In a time not too long before we will announce the ( coalition ) . Obviously not in coalition with the Islamic -based parties , " said Chairman of the DPP PKB , Marwan Jafar in Jakarta , Saturday ( 19/4 ) .

Regarding opportunities coalition with PDI-P , Marwan reveal the tendency is very possible.

" The trend is very possible with the PDI-P . Tendency with others is still possible . Due to political communication is still wide open . , But once again the CLA -based party will form a coalition with nationalists , " repeated PKB faction chairman in the House of Representatives .

In the near future , he said , the CLA will also hold a meeting of the DPP . In the meeting would take a stand against CBA figures that will be offered as a running mate to the nationalist party .

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Marwan also revealed a variety of bids coalition also present Gerindra and Golkar . But Marwan still does not reveal with whom his party will form a coalition .


Cause problems in Sukamiskin , Nazaruddin Beaten

Hear the beating of the graft convict M. Nazaruddin Santer circulating Sukamiskin Prisons , Bandung city , since Friday , 18 April 2014 . According to information obtained Tempo, former General Treasurer of the Democratic Party fights with fellow inmates Sukamiskin sepulang Friday prayers .

A prison officer allows the beating of Nazaruddin . ” The one he be a ( Nazar ) ,” he said at the special prison corruptor . “He fetched pandemonium . Persons angry , he is wrong. ” But the task is not detailing the cause of the commotion involving Nazaruddin .

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Halomoan corruptor Gayus Tambunan tax money and a cell neighboring state prisoner did not know that raw bogem Vows hit yesterday . ” Coz enggak there , ah . Issue was unbelievable,” said Gayus in front of the central searched his cell Saturday morning , 19 April 2014 .

Lapas head Sukamiskin Giri pleaded Purbadi hear that vow fight with fellow Napi . “But I enggak get the report from the task force , which means they do not exist , ” she said, watching the raid .

It even fathom deliberately mengembuskan Vows noted that the news people. ” Nazarudin love it , yeah . If released, he fetched the issues enggak clear about the fate of her in prison , ” he said. Maulana Nazar exploit evaluate themselves, which hit a lot of corruption and gallbladder pain . ( Read : Adventure Nazaruddin )

Giri was sure , Nazar is the prisoner had no authority whatsoever behind walls bui Sukamiskin . “He ‘d tell me anything also enggak fear , enggak will lose. If suppose he transferred to other prisons , we will lose the right enggak , ” tuturrnya .

It repulse raid on the assumption that 472 Napi lockup and today is a response to last Friday fray . Officers seized following a dozen mobile phones chargers, kitchen knives and razors , scissors , spoon , fork , hammer , small mirror , chain, and a small bottle of wine spirits. Also money Rp 50 thousand and Rp 100 thousand worth Rp 7 million .


Snow Along the walls down 37 Kilometres

ROUTE mountain excursion known as the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine re- opened to tourists . This time , tourists are treated to a view of a wall of snow as high as 50 feet , or approximately 15 feet .
For the first time , since five months ago , Tateyama Kurobe Alpine tourist attractions Route re- opened to the public on 16 April. Tourists, both local and foreign , was surprised to scenic corridors that have been closed by snow . The scenery along the road 500 meters .
Sightseeing These stretches more than 37 kilometers and reaches a height of approximately 2,450 meters . A series of beautiful scenery , including the Kurobe Dam , hot springs , and mountains of Hida and Murudo corridor is quite popular . Murudo even have area ‘s largest snowfalls , which receives approximately 7 meters of snowfall each year . It is this that forms the wall of snow up to many meters .
This area was opened for tours on June 1, 1971 . Around the region required for public transport with five different modes and funicular . The transport consists of buses , electric buses , and trams . This area is very carefully constructed so that the natural environment surrounding undamaged . As a result , three lines below the tunnel is used as a protective wall to prevent rapid snow melt .

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The entire route on the attraction opened to the public until November. However , for the snow wall itself is only open until June 22 , as reported by the Telegraph , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .


"Mr. Jokowi, Kok Tak Inflation Report to the Commission about Bas Affairs Budget as Metallica?"

Statement Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo said the findings would not bring the alleged inflation of funds in the Department of Education into the realm of law because corruption has not occurred criticism . Jokowi arguments , inflate the value of Rp 700 billion has not been used .

" Jokowi not entitled to conclude there is no corruption . If he did , it was very wrong . Authority That ‘s not him . Which may be concluded that not only the corruption or law enforcement agencies , " said Chairman of the Jakarta Residents Forum ( Fact ) Principle Tigor Nainggolan to , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Tigor Jokowi suggest consulting the above findings to law enforcement agencies , such as the Anti-Corruption Commission or the Attorney General . This statement was , he said , inviting another question .

" He should have consultation to law enforcement . Perhaps the Commission , should the prosecutor . , But , better still KPK . Nerima same glasses Metallica bass Lorenzo consulting him anyway . Anyway do not be impressed he wants to protect his men who engage in corruption , " said Tigor .

Previously reported , Head of Education Dept. Lasro Marbun said receiving data from the Indonesian Corruption Watch ( ICW ) on the alleged irregularities of the use of budget items budget doubled in 2014, with a value of Rp 700 billion .

As an anticipatory step , Lasro ordered his team to carry out the school census . The census inventory needs a school . After that , he will compare the incoming budget planning . If there is not appropriate , the principal will be called . ” This is for the budget 2015. We need to be better this way again , ” he said .

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In response, Jokowi said he would not bring the findings to law enforcement . He reasoned , ” the budget has not been used ” and the budget also has been locked so that no unused . “If it’s been used , new to the law , ” said Jokowi at Bidakara , Tebet , South Jakarta , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .