Australian officials Backward Because Bottle of Wine

Chief Minister of New South Wales , Australia , Barry O’Farrell declared to resign from the position of number one in the state capital is Sydney , Australia , the . The reason, he was unable to explain to the Australian Anti-Corruption Commission ( ICAC ) about phone contact with the water company Australian Water Holdings ( AWH ) who allegedly gave a gift bottle of wine valued at $ 3000 ( USD 30 million ) .

The announcement of his resignation was announced by O’Farrell , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) morning local time . The day before O’Farrell examined as a witness by the ICAC in advanced investigation of corruption cases that are wrapped around AWH .

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ICAC Investigators suspect the lobbying O’Farrell AWH related to business deals AWH and Sydney Water , the state -owned water company NSW . The agreement related to the construction of water infrastructure .

AWH has officially been accused of making unauthorized charges to Sydney Water and the funds turned out to be used for the benefit of political donations , salaries AWH officials , as well as other interests .

Officials AWH , Nick Di Girolamo , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) , admitted in front of the ICAC investigator , that he had sent a bottle of wine valued at 3000 dollars to O’Farrell in 2011 . Reasons Di Girolamo , expensive wine as a form of greeting because O’Farrell wins the NSW election .

Wine is quite special . Brand is the Grange , and was produced on May 24, 1959 , to coincide with the birthday of O’Farrell . At that time , O’Farrell as a public official was not registering the receipt of the gift .

However , in front of the ICAC investigator , O’Farrell denied ever receiving the gift. ” I’m not a wine enthusiast , ” he said .

He also claimed to have forgotten about the recording of the phone call lasted 28 seconds on the phone to Di Girolamo in 2011 , around the time of delivery of the wine .

According to Di Girolamo , O’Farrell called him to express my thanks for sending the gift.

However , O ” Farrell admitted he had sent a written note of thanks that he signed to Di Girolamo .

Barry O’Farrell Resigns
Barry O’Farrell announced his resignation . ( Photo : Sophie Tarr )

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said it had contacted by O’Farrell before he announced his resignation .


” War” with the pair, is prohibited Say It

RELATIONSHIP very vulnerable and all that you do to break the wonderful bond you as a couple with one word wrong . You argue with your partner using swear words and sneering , and do bad things .
But if you have the words are too hard to pair , it will be very difficult for to pull the words back . In all honesty , you do not get so angry with people who are recognized as being very loved .

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So , why are you so hard ? There are certain standards that must be affirmed , without which we may not be able to sustain a relationship , especially a relationship that should last forever . If you always end up arguing with your spouse , then here are some tips to keep your word , that word should not be spoken during a fight , reported by Boldsky .
Saying the word up
It is a word that triggers anger . It can make a person frustrated when the couple tried to say something to you and go , ” Yeah, whatever . ” Currently the pair is clearly trying to either , then destroyed by you .
Cuss Words
We often abused . We want to say things evil and cruel , so people know how angry we are , but this does not help . Swear words are words that are most important to avoid when you argue . It shows discomfort as you strike partner really hard .
You want to end the relationship
Unless you are really serious and never used it . It is destroying the family feeling to hear this and you do not have a chance later to correct this . When you say want a divorce or want to break up , then it does not matter how much you love your partner. He will always remember that you want finished off and cause deep scars on your relationship .
blame couples
Now even if you are fed up with a partner is the worst thing you can say , especially when emotion . Because once again , the opportunity will not come back , you will only feel regret . You have just telephoned the person you love and it turns out you call it a mistake . How can it be ? The couple will probably be full of sorrow and tears shed millions . So , be careful about the words you choose and argue with mutual respect and maintain the standard .


Related to Gas Supply, European Union Contract Request Russia Respect

A number of European Union leaders on Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) , called on Russia to respect a gas sales contract with a number of European countries .

His remarks came after President Vladimir Putin stated be sure it gas to several European countries will be affected if the EU does not help Ukraine pay its gas debts .

" Europe is a reliable gas consumers and gas we expect our suppliers to respect his commitment , " said European Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen .

Around a quarter of European gas supplied half of Russian gas piped across Ukraine .

Pia Ahrenkilde underline as much as 70 per cent of Russian energy exports , including oil and gas flows to Europe . That means half of Russia’s income depends on Europe .

In a press conference held the day after President Vladimir Putin’s threat , European Commission officials insisted there was no disruption to gas supplies from Russia and the current gas supply is very pretty .

" All the gas supply is normal and stable . We hope all parties honor their commitments , " said a spokesman for the European Commission’s energy field , Sabine Berger .

European gas reserves currently reach 37 billion cubic meters , or half of its peak capacity and number of EU countries are currently doing their gas inventory replenishment .

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Earlier, in a letter to the 18 European Union heads of state , President Vladimir Putin threatened to cut gas supplies if Ukraine fails to pay arrears amounting to 2.2 billion U.S. dollars .


In Saudi Arabia PKS far less than the PDI-P and PKB

Of the 12 political parties contesting the 2014 elections, PDI-P and KB in while counting excel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. PDI-P led by a vote following the 2190 and 2044 agreements. MCC only received 567 votes.

Executing Function Pensosbud, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (Consulate) Jeddah, Sharif Shahabudin, in a release received on Thursday (04/10/2014), reveals the ballot on 5 April 2014 found the number of valid votes 6,333 votes.

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"The counting will resume on April 10, 2014, at the ballot counting results obtained through drop box mechanism that has been made in some areas of accreditation Consulate General in Jeddah," said Shahabudin.
Nasdem Party (75 votes), the Prosperous Justice Party (567 votes), the Golkar Party (213 votes), Gerindra (488 votes), PAN (59 votes), Democratic Party (141 votes), the United Development Party (333 votes), Hanura (174 votes), the Crescent Star Party (39 votes), PKP Indonesia (10 votes).

According to Sharif, an Indonesian citizen whose voice channel through polling stations in the city of Jeddah and Mecca on April 5 citizens accounted for 6,427 people. In order to maximize the number of voters, on 28 to 29 March 2014, the overseas election committee (PPLN) Jeddah also has conducted voting system pick up the ball through the drop box mechanism.

Proactive systems in several locations resulted in as many as 1,698 people turnout. Total of all voters in the area of ​​accreditation Consulate General in Jeddah until April 5 reached 8,125 people.
In the ballot on 5 April 2014 at six polling stations spread. Namely two polling stations in Consulate General in Jeddah, one polling station in the Pensions Consul General in Jeddah, two polling stations in Jeddah and one Indonesian School polling station in Indonesian Hajj Affairs Office, City of Mecca.
The vote in the city of Mecca performed in conjunction with routine activities carried out by the Integrated Services Consulate General in Jeddah, which includes consular services, immigration and employment for the citizens who live in Mecca and the surrounding area.

Sharif said the voter turnout in the 2014 pileg increased significantly. Compared to the 2009 election. At the legislative elections in 2009 amounted to 1,676 voters.


Nokia rollover Massive Software Update For Asha Line

As promised , Nokia finally has released an update ( update ) software massive second wave of Asha series phones . In this update , some series that feature phones are able to enjoy a variety of facilities such as Mix Radio , improved front camera , Panorama , support OneDrive , jamming capabilities like Facebook and Twitter re - tweet , birthday reminders in the Fastlane , until the built -in settings by parents .

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One of the most eagerly awaited capability is new is the addition of a camera Panorama mode . Meanwhile , when the self-portrait ( Selfie ) using the rear camera , the phone will give you directions via voice so that your face will be right in the middle when you’re taking photos .

Not escape , Microsoft OneDrive now available at Asha lineup , and the ease to upload load automatically or manually . There is 7GB of free storage space that can be loaded with a variety of files .

Updates Nokia Asha phones with the Over the Air ( OTA ) . By way of OTA , users have to download and install the update with an Internet connection . In addition in the form of push notification , users can also perform a manual check . You simply go to the ” Menu ” , select ” Settings ” , ” Phone ” , and ” Device Updates ” . As a final step , select ” sw ” . Remember , sometimes the software update file is quite large , then you should use a WiFi network to reduce the cost of credit .

The new firmware is intended for mobile phones Asha 500 , 501 , 502 , 503 and 230 , both in version of the single and dual - SIM .


Hanura triumphed in TPS Wiranto

People’s Conscience Party ( Hanura ) triumphed at the polling station ( TPS ) 10 RT1 RT 2 , Bambu Apus , East Jakarta . At the polling station , DPP Chairman Hanura Wiranto voting.

Hanura won 175 votes of the total number of valid votes reach 346 votes. ” That does not sound legitimate , there were 12 of 426 total voters is in DPT , ” said Chairman of the Organizing Voting ( KPPS ) 10 Nana Saefurohim TPS , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .

In the second place occupied by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) 36 voices , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) 34 votes , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) 33 voices , Indonesia Movement ( Gerindra ) 29 voices , the United Development Party ( PPP ) 9 votes , 8 votes Democrat , the Crescent Star Party (PBB ) 6 votes , the National Democratic Party ( NasDem ) , the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) and Golkar won 5 voice and Indonesian Justice and Unity Party ( PKPI ) 2 votes.

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Nana says of the 477 sound provided only 358 were used. There were about 68 voters who do not exercise their right to vote. ” The rest of the sound that there will soon be given a cross , ” Nana lid .


6 Application `Google` Kicked From Windows Phone

Microsoft has drawn six ( 6 ) applications Google has recently circulated in the Windows Phone Store store . The sixth application was withdrawn because the application was false , only the claim made ​​by Google .

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Site 6 previously discovered the existence of the Google apps in the Windows Phone Store . The fake application which is found is Google Hangouts , Google Voice , Google Maps , Google Search , Google Plus and Gmail .

Author application himself as ” Google , Inc. . ” . Yet until now , I only have one official app in the Windows Phone Store , the Google Search app search under the developer name ” Google Inc. . ” ( without commas ) . After investigation , the Google apps sixth was counterfeit .

Indeed, so far the application does not contain malware or harmful , but can be detrimental to the user . Therefore , Windows Phone users are required to pay U.S. $ 1.99 to be able to install the application. For information only , the application provided by Google for this is provided free of charge .

In a statement to The Next Web , Microsoft said , ” We have removed a series of applications that violate our policies regarding the use of misleading information . Application was trying to forge the identity of the issuer ” .

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Microsoft has been criticized lately . Many people question the application approval process that went into the Windows Phone Store . Although six applications had been removed , reportedly still many fake applications found in the Microsot application store .

source:http://news. liputan6 .com/

Penangkapan Kamboja menyoroti meningkatnya kekhawatiran perburuan di kawasan lindung Malaysia

Tiga pemburu Kamboja dengan setumpuk celeng dan daging argus pheasant , gaharu dan jerat telah tertangkap oleh Taman Nasional dan Departemen Margasatwa ( Perhilitan ) di tempat persembunyian mereka di hutan lindung di negara bagian utara Malaysia dari Perak .

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Ketiganya adalah bagian dari kelompok yang lebih besar dari tujuh orang yang telah perburuan satwa dilindungi di Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve di Ulu Lawin , dekat kota Gerik .

Direktur Perak Perhilitan Shabrina Mohd Shariff mengatakan departemen dikerahkan tim petugas penegak 15 pada hari Sabtu setelah tip - off .

" Anak buahku berhasil menangkap tiga dari mereka sementara sisanya masuk ke hutan di bawah penutup dari kegelapan , " katanya kepada pers .

Ketujuh , yang sebelumnya diburu binatang yang dilindungi di hutan , sedang beristirahat ketika mereka dikejutkan oleh aparat penegak .

Petugas menyita 9,5 kg daging asap Wild Boar , 1,9 kg daging asap celeng dengan kepala , tulang rusuk dan kaki , 1,4 kg daging argus pheasant , 2,6 kg gaharu dan sekarung penuh bulu burung argus .

Mereka juga menemukan 52 jerat dengan berbagai ukuran , empat parang dan tiga sumbu .

" TRAFFIC memuji departemen dan mendesak negara itu tidak berhenti pada penangkapan pemburu , tapi untuk mengikuti jejak para pedagang satwa liar ilegal mereka tawarkan , " kata Julia Ng , TRAFFIC Asia Tenggara Senior Programme Officer .

" Para pedagang ini juga harus ditangkap , diadili dan membagikan denda maksimum yang diijinkan , karena mereka adalah orang-orang yang memicu permintaan untuk satwa liar dari pemburu , " tambahnya .

Perburuan di kawasan lindung adalah masalah keprihatinan yang meningkat di Malaysia , dan nilai pasar yang tinggi dari gaharu , yang dikenal sebagai gaharu dalam bahasa Melayu , seringkali menjadi alasan bagi kelompok-kelompok terorganisir menghabiskan waktu yang lama di hutan , makan sendiri pada apa pun spesies hewan liar mereka dapat menangkap .

Area seperti Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve mana pemburu Kamboja ditangkap adalah rumah bagi banyak spesies terancam seperti Sumatera Rhinoceros , macan dahan dan Sambar rusa .

Daerah ini juga merupakan lanskap harimau penting yang dituangkan dalam Rencana Aksi Nasional Harimau Malaysia dan itu bukan satu-satunya daerah yang disasar oleh para pemburu .

Negara bagian Perak yang terletak di utara dan berbatasan dengan Thailand telah melihat beberapa penangkapan pemburu di kawasan lindung tahun ini setelah pemerintah meningkatkan upaya penegakan hukum .

Pada tanggal 15 Januari , petugas dari Satuan Anti - Penyelundupan Malaysia menahan dua warga negara Thailand berusaha menyelundupkan tujuh Kera Pig - ekor dari kawasan hutan di Bukit Berapit , dekat perbatasan Malaysia - Thailand . Mereka dijatuhi hukuman MYR4 , 500 ( USD1 , 282 ) denda atau penjara dua bulan masing-masing .

Pada tanggal 4 Maret , tiga warga negara Thailand ditangkap dengan beberapa burung yang dilindungi di Felda Kelian Intan , di distrik Pengkalan Hulu . Kasus ini sekarang sebelum pengadilan .

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Dalam operasi pada 28 dan 29 April di Sungai Mendelum , yang terletak di dalam premier Perak negara - taman Royal Belum Forest Reserve - pihak berwenang juga menemukan kamp perburuan dan menyita enam jerat kawat .

Survei sebelumnya WWF - Malaysia di Perak juga menemukan tanda-tanda perambahan lokal dan asing dan perburuan liar di sepanjang jalan raya yang menyediakan jalur akses ke kompleks hutan tersebut .

source:http://www. traffic .org/

10 The benefits of eating raisins on a regular basis for health

Raisins are foods made from dried grapes. Often raisins used for processed foods or cakes.

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besides having a sweet taste and delicious, raisins also has great benefits for health. Here are the benefits of eating raisins as reported from

Healthy teeth
Raisins are capable of taking care of teeth because it contains oleanolic acid that can protect teeth from decomposition. These acids are also capable of killing bacteria that cause bad breath.

Cure constipation
Raisins are rich in fiber and therefore is able to cure constipation.

Treating anemia
If you have anemia, then multiply eating raisins. Because raisins contain iron, vitamin B complex, and other minerals that can increase the amount of blood.

Preventing cancer
Catechin polyphenol antioxidants which is in the raisins able to combat free radicals that can cause tumors and cancer.

Caring for eyes
Phytonutrients which is one of the antioxidants in raisins could prevent eye damage due to free radicals.

Strengthen bones
Raisins are rich in iron and calcium. Both minerals are able to improve your bone health.

Increase Libido
Raisins are also useful to improve your sex life. Because arginine is an amino acid content in the raisins can increase your libido.

Cleaning digestion
Raisins are rich in fiber which is good for cleaning the digestive tract and eliminate toxins in the body.

Boost the immune system
Raisins are full of glucose and fructose that can improve the absorption of vitamins so it is useful to boost your immune system.

Reduce gastric acid
The content of potassium and magnesium in it beneficial to reduce stomach acid that can cause heartburn.

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Behind the small size, it turns out raisins save a great benefit to your health. Good luck!

Source:http://www. merdeka .com/