Burglar suspected, A Pilgrim Tomb of Sheikh Yusuf ravaged Residents

Suspected thief , a number of pilgrims tomb of national hero Sheikh Yusuf Al Makassari Sheikh Yusuf Road , Ko’bang , Katangka Village , District Sombaopu , Gowa, South Sulawesi , became the butt of citizens .

Not only men , a number of women who join the group are also almost judged residents . The above incident , the victim went to Police Headquarters ( Police Headquarters ) to report on local events that happened on Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

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The events that occurred around 21:30 pm tomb began when the door is closed . Dozens of pilgrims which is a clump of families who live in Sudirohuso Wahidin Road , Village Bontokamase , Sunggumina , this , intend to hold remembrance together .

Shaykh Yusuf is the leader of Islamic broadcaster , both in Punjab and in South Africa .

However , a number of tomb guards accused them of theft and was about to shout at them as thieves .

Dozens of local residents directly crowding and judge these pilgrims . ” We sat outside while waiting for the caretaker , but come it is wearing a turban , he said we are going to steal , when we just sit outside , ” said Daeng Lengu , one of the victims .

" Open the door , when it was locked , so I immediately cried because it was going to steal , " said Gollo , one local resident .

Minubus Toyota Avanza plate number DD 497 AW also targeted for destruction citizens . Meanwhile , the observation at the crime scene ( TKP ) , a number of local residents deplored the unilateral actions committed citizens .

"It’s just a pity the tomb pilgrims would steal time , what is also going on in the stolen , " said Daeng Sanga , a housewife ( IRT ) , which helped disperse mass action .

The victim then reported the incident that happened to Mapolres Gowa in the hope the perpetrators prosecuted in accordance with applicable law . ” I object because we would be accused of stealing , but just go remembrance . We have also beaten , even I was chased with machetes , ” said Daeng Rongrong .

Meanwhile , the police who confirmed the incident related claims still investigating . ” We received a report while the victims and, if possible, we briefly immediately pick the culprit , ” said Arief Ipda , Head of Unit of the Police Service Center Integrated ( Chief Unit ) Police IFMS Gowa .


Presidential-vice presidential Transparent Pressed about Tax

Joko Widodo - mate Jusuf Kalla and Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa who will compete in the upcoming presidential elections July 9 urged to be more transparent about the tax . They were asked to open the Annual Tax ( SPT ) Tax .

" We see the importance of taxes , but there are many taxpayers who do not obey the tax . Presidential- vice presidential We encourage voluntarily submit their tax returns so that the public can ensure presidential- vice presidential running correctly tax obligations , " said Prastowo in the Office of Tax Practitioners Indonesia Corruption Watch ( ICW ) , Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) afternoon .

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Present at the press conference of activists Indonesian Legal Resource Center Uli Parulian , Ecological Justice activists Rio Ismail , and ICW activist Firdaus Ilyas . They are members of the Civil Society Coalition Against Tax Mafia .

Prastowo explaining , taxes is very important because it contributes quite a lot to the State Budget . Unfortunately , there are many large companies that should be able to contribute a lot of taxes actually ran away from his tax liability . ” The urge to presidential -vice is one of them motivated by the Asian Agri tax evasion case , ” he said .

With transparent attitude of vice - presidential candidate , if elected Prastowo believe the next administration , they could overcome the tax issues that are still frequently occur . ” We encourage the vice - presidential candidate has a vision and mission in tax policy . We do not want to not do the vice president- tax liability correctly , they should be a real example for taxpayers , ” he concluded .


Chromebook Ready C300 free-Order

See the previous product , ASUS C200 produces Chromebook is much lighter and more expensive C300 and now have started to pre-order . Target markets are explored are those who want a larger screen and greater storage capacity . Reporting from Slashgear , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) , this device will fill the market later this month .

In appearance , unlike its predecessor the C300 has a 11.6 inch screen . C300 Chromebook has a 13.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 . Equipped with a dual - core processor N2830 Intel Celeron ( Bay Trail ) and several gigabytes of RAM .

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Particular model comes with 16GB of internal storage , but there are also models available with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage . Accompanying it all is Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac WiFi .

The device has an SD card slot for extra storage , and a single USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port . HDMI is available for use with a monitor or TV , and there is a webcam above the screen 720 p . For larger sizes , priced at USD329 or about Rp 3, 8 million .


Indra J Piliang: If We Fired, Another Golkar Elite Must Also Fired

Forum initiator Paradigm Indonesian Youth Movement ( FPGMI ) , Indra J Piliang , pleaded not daunted by the dismissal of sanctions to be imposed against him DPP Golkar Party and a number of young cadres of other parties . According to Indra , when he was fired , then the DPP Golkar Party also must dismiss the elites.

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Chairman of Research and Development Agency DPP Golkar Party said that the implementation of the National Leadership Meeting ( Rapimnas ) Golkar VI on May 18, 2014 has violated the provisions of the AD / ART party . Because the rapimnas not preceded by the Plenary Meeting of the DPP Golkar Party . ” That violates the AD / ART were they right? Period there rapimnas without prior plenum ? Should have their ( elite parties) busy to resign from Golkar Party dong , ” press Indra to Kompas.com , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

Furthermore , the decision of the DPP Golkar Party chairman Aburizal ” Ical ” Bakrie family that supported the candidacy of presidential - vice presidential candidate Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa assessed had desecrated results rapimnas decision .

Indra said , the results rapimnas decided to Ical give full mandate to establish communication with other parties in order to carry himself as a vice - presidential candidate . However , further Indra , Ical apparently failed to execute the command rapimnas . Ical chose to provide support to Prabowo - Hatta are not included in the results section of the rapimnas .

Therefore , Indra judge , if Golkar cadres belonging to the FPGMI decided to support the other vice - presidential partner , then it can not be blamed . ” The results rapimnas give full mandate to coriander ARB is a coalition in order to make the ARB as president or vice president . Interpretation is that which I hold , not just for the coalition coalition ,” he said .

COMPASS IMAGES / KRISTIANTO PURNOMO Golkar chairman Bakrie conversation with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Great Indonesia Movement Party ( Gerindra ) as well as the presidential candidate Prabowo and Chairman of the National Mandate Party vice presidential candidates as well Hatta Rajasa when signing completeness Prabowo support and Hatta Rajasa to stand as presidential and vice presidential candidate in the 2014 election in Polonia House , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) . Gerindra , Golkar , PAN , Star Party , the Prosperous Justice Party and the United Development Party agreed to form a coalition to support partner - Hatta Prabowo .
Previously , FPGMI has expressed attitude to support partner -vice presidential candidate - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla in the upcoming presidential election . According to them , the couple is far more representative of Golkar because of the presence of senior leaders of the Golkar Party , namely Jusuf Kalla , was there .

As a result of this support , Advisory Council Chairman Akbar Golkar Party reacted strongly . He threatened to dismiss the reckless party cadres supporting Jokowi - JK . ” We will go , then give a warning first . Given an explanation of the reasons supporting Golkar Prabowo - Hatta . Yet if they disobey , the party will be firm . One of them could be dismissal , ” Akbar said when met at his residence on Wednesday ( 21/5 / 2014 ) .

Akbar said , sanctions will be imposed if the dismissal is also a cadre of supporters Jokowi - JK behalf of Golkar Party and display things that are demonstrative , for example by using the attributes of the party . According to him , if there is a cadre of other candidates who intend to support the party set , then he should just bring a personal name .


UN SD , Students It took 30 Minutes to Fill Column Name

The Extraordinary elementary school students ( SDLB ) in the village of Jombang Jombang Jombatan City District , Jombang , East Java , the National Examination ( UN ) , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

In the school there are two deaf students who follow the UN . One of them in a very weak condition .

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In contrast to the implementation of the UN in the regular school , the superintendent at SDLB more busy because they have to guide the students fill out the computer answer sheet ( LJK ) . In fact , the supervisor should also help students who are not familiar with his own name .

The students took almost 30 minutes to fill in the name and menghitamkannya .

Another thing that most complaints are supplied LJK too small so students kesuitan blacken parts required.

However, Chief SDLB Jombang , Sri Sujatmi , optimistic two students will graduate . Since a few months ago the teachers were provided training to the UN to two sisiwanya .

Problems were encountered in the implementation of the UN today is natural judged because of physical limitations . But in ability , Sri convinced two students can answer the questions there .


Ridwan Kamil Glad Program “Report” Effective

Mayor of London , Ridwan Kamil looks sumringah when asked about the programs and services aspiration Bandung -based public complaints online through the ” Report ” . The man who was familiarly called Emil these states , the program is fairly effective with problem resolution rate reached 88 per cent since it was launched last October 2013 .

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" Of the 3,700 complaints since it was first launched in until May 5, 2014 , which is already solved the problem as much as 3200 , so the 88 percent level of responsiveness was very proud , " said Emil at Lombok Street , City of London , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

Emil added further , the completion of the public complaints on average takes one week .

" This means that people with complaints to report a very effective system for any complaint directly distributed an average of 3-2 days . So of reports to determine correct the problem . Settlement of cases 5-6 days , meaning that the problem is solved on average a week , " he said .

For the problem of frequent complaints that the community , he added , most of the roads and related infrastructure issues kebinamargaan . Looking ahead , Emil expect any problems reported by the Bandung can be accelerated completion by the relevant agencies .

" I had Encourage good reference . The good verification that one day , 3 day problem solving , " he explained .

Emil also appealed to the citizens of the city of Bandung in order not to hesitate to report development or public service that went wrong through an electronic text message with the contents of the complaint BDG format to number 1708 or it could be through the website to address www.lapor.ukp.go.id .


Railway locomotives Bogowonto Not Evacuated , South Line Still Paralyzed

Officer PT KAI Daop III Cirebon can not evacuate Railway locomotives and carriages that rolled Bogowonto in Cirebon , West Java . Until Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) morning , the carriage attendant difficulty lifting heavy equipment because it does not cover the location of the locomotive overturned . Location locomotive which rolled near neighborhoods .

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Evacuation efforts carcass locomotives and carriages are also constrained destruction of sleepers .

Until now southern railway track is still lame . Railroad crossing in the south line forced play to avoid the accident site .

Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Daop III Cirebon , Suprapto , explained, it managed to attract seven new cars . There are hundreds of people on board who were heading Yogyakarta . They had been sent back .

As reported , KA Bogowonto , majoring in Jakarta ( Pasar Senen ) - Yogyakarta , deposed after a car crashed into a truck container carrier . The truck broke down at railway crossings in the region Karangsuwung , Ciledug .

There were no fatalities in the accident , but a result of the incident on the train itinerary southbound lanes paralyzed .


Jokowi-JK “Mesra” at Halim Airport

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , Joko Widodo or Jokowi , met former Vice President Jusuf Kalla or JK , at Halim Airport , Jakarta , Saturday ( 05/03/2014 ) .

According to them, this meeting is not accidental . ” Incidentally , ” JK said , laughing .

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JK said , he will go to Semarang , Central Java , to show the Indonesian Red Cross ( PMI ) . Meanwhile , Jokowi safari political will to several cities , including Yogyakarta , Semarang , and Surabaya .

Both seem to be ” intimate ” when met at Halim Airport VIP lounge . They shook hands tightly . They also seem great for wearing a white shirt . JK wearing a white shirt bearing the Red Cross , while Jokowi plain white long-sleeve shirt . Both had talked for about 2 minutes before leaving . ” Want to Semarang , PMI event , ” JK replied when asked by Jokowi .

Meanwhile , the two had little comment when asked about the vice - presidential duet Jokowi - JK . ” It nantilah , ” said JK . ” Patience , ” said Jokowi .

Jokowi also joked that he had not pocketed the names of vice . ” It’s still empty , ” said Jokowi as he opened his shirt pocket .

Jusuf Kalla mentioned as vice presidential candidates who will accompany the strongest presidential candidate Joko Widodo . In fact , there are some people who took the initiative to make stickers Jokowi - JK .


Nike Assess Unfollow Production in China

Demonstrations and labor strikes were carried out , making Nike reviewing to stop production in China .

Nike Chief Executive Mark Parker explained, it did not decide it .

" We are not stopping our production so far , but it seems it is getting closer . We in a position to do that , " said Parker quoted by CNBC , Saturday ( 02/05/2014 ) .

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" We always take into account that ( stop production ) , " he explained .

Thousands of Yue Yuen Industrial workers demonstrated Holdings, a manufacturer of shoes , one for Nike Inc. . This demonstration was followed by a strike .

Labour held the action Yue Yuen in Dongguan on 14 April. It is the largest labor action in China since the reform of the industry in the 1970s .

Parker said , Nike will cut ties with Yue Yuen if labor action like this happens again .

" We have a factory that could accommodate the production , if our production had to be stopped , " he explained .


Hardiknas ceremony , Commander Fainting when reports to the Vice Regent

Ceremony commemorating National Education ( Education Day ) at the County Government Offices page (Regency ) Kolaka , Southeast Sulawesi , on Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) morning , colored fall of commander ceremony .

Commander ceremony fainted after giving a report to the builder ceremony , the Vice Regent Kolaka Muhammad Jayadin .

The victim was immediately taken to an ambulance for treatment . Allegedly , he had no time for breakfast so it does not stand up long . His position was immediately replaced by reserve officers .

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Meanwhile Hardiknas memorial page ranks Muspida attended Kolaka regency , regency Kolaka civil servants , as well as students from elementary to high school level .

In his speech , Jayadin hope the state of education in Kolaka better than the previous year . To that end , he asked the education unit to improve the quality of teaching .

He also appealed to the junior high school students who will participate in the National Examination Monday, May 5th to learn well and do not justify any means to obtain a good value .

The ceremony closed with the attractions marching band students of SDN 2 Laloeha .